$100 Safety Flights

Do you have topics or areas of operation/interest in aviation that you would like to refresh your memory on or learn more about? A $100 Safety Flight may be right for you! For just $100, you will receive approximately 1.3 hours of flight instruction and .75 hours of ground instruction on the areas YOU want help with!

Due to airport construction, please follow this alternate route to access VFA.

Alternate Access:
Aviation Ave. to Eagle Drive to the back entrance to Valley Rd.


355 Valley Rd
South Burlington, VT 05403

We Are Proud to Provide Flight Training to Students of Vermont State University

Professional Pilot Program

 Vermont State University (VTSU) and Vermont Flight Academy (VFA) have a partnership to train professional pilots for an exciting career in Aviation. VTSU’s Williston campus is home to the bachelor-level degree program in aviation, conveniently under 2.5 miles from VFA.

Students in the Professional Pilot program start flying in their first semester and can become Certified Flight Instructors in their junior year. Students graduate with typically 500 or more flight hours already under their belts. That flight time makes graduates highly valued in the industry. VTSU is authorized by the FAA to certify pilot graduates for the Restricted Airline Transport Pilot (RATP). The authorization is highly advantageous as certified graduates can be hired as professional airline pilots that much sooner, creating a fast track to a career doing what they love.

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