$100 Safety Flight

Do you have topics or areas of operation/interest in aviation that you would like to refresh your memory on or learn more about? A $100 Safety Flight may be right for you!

At VFA, we understand that flying requires a lot of active skill and knowledge to be used in order to feel proficient. In addition, the required knowledge of a pilot is so vast that it can be easy to forget information, especially when it is not used in the recent past. With these challenges in mind and our community mission at heart, we have decided to offer a reduced rate Safety Flight in order to help you focus on the areas you need to. For only $100 total, VFA will provide you with a CFI for approximately 45 minutes of ground time and a CFI and airplane for 1.3 hours of flight time.

Our goal is for these flights to be interactive, and topic driven by YOU! In order to serve you best, we need your help in identifying potential discussion topics beforehand. A list of topics may be found on the Safety Flight Kneeboard sheet located on VFA student Resources, additionally you may request a topic not suggested on this sheet!

Additionally, this flight will satisfy the VFA SOP requirement of one flight every 90 days in order to maintain rental currency! Come take advantage of this amazing opportunity to not only maintain your currency but become a safer pilot at a steep discount.

Who: Any pilot who holds a Private Pilot Certificate or higher and is not currently training (The discounted rate will only apply once every 12 months)

What: Approximately 45 minutes of ground discussion and 1.3 hours of flight time, focused on areas YOU determine, all for only $100 (An approximate $360 value)

How Long: Reservations will be made in a standard 2.5-hour block time.

When: Submit an availability form from VFA’s Student Resources page and we will work to schedule you at an optimal for both parties!

Where: Vermont Flight Academy, 355 Valley Road, South Burlington VT, 05403