Learning can be fun and exciting… especially from 5,000 feet!

Aviation is our passion and at Vermont Flight Academy, we help you explore your curiosities, fuel your fascinations and bolster your education around flight. Whether you’re a student, a license holder, or you’re just looking to see if flying is for you, VFA helps you take the next step! We also offer professional opportunities within our flight academy where we help you take your experience to the next level.

When reaching out to VFA, you’ll find our flight and office crew are friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. When there is a so much to explore and learn within the aviation industry, our crew strives to make sure we can successfully lead you to your next step and provide the assistance needed to get there. Our goal for you is to keep your flying experience safe, well informed and, most importantly, FUN.

Vermont Flight Academy has a comfortable yet diverse fleet of planes available to our students as well as for rentals. VFA offers   assistance and lessons starting with our Private Pilot program up through Commercial and Certified Flight Instructor training. Our programs also provide additional training opportunities and endorsements such as tail wheel experience!

Furthermore, we have collaborated with Vermont Technical College to help students fullfill their course demands and obtain the hours needed so in-class necessities, as well as flight hours, can all be managed locally with additional support to ensure your success.

For those looking to squeeze in a fun flight with no experience, we offer Discovery Flights year round! Consider these as a great way to explore flying and if you’d like to move forward with enrollment. Additionally, Discovery Flights are excellent as gifts for your adventurous loved ones (think birthdays etc.),  or as an opportunity to see this gorgeous Vermont area from above (hello leaf peeping season)!

Lastly, our crew of CFI’s and administration is dedicated to continuing advancement of skill and education of our VFA staff. Within both our website and blog you will also find lots of staff and educational resources, aviation news, and updates to help keep everyone on top of a dynamic and extensive industry! If you are interested in joining our flight crew as a CFI or other, check our careers page often! We love reachouts and working with people to see how we can fit them into our environment.

VFA is here to accomodate any of your aviation pursuits! Whether you’re hoping to enroll in a program, advance your eduation and endorsements, join our crew, rent one of our planes, or simply discover flying, reach out to us! We are here to help you take your next steps and get you in the air wherever you’re at in the process.

Follow us on social media and keep checking our blog to make sure you’re catching the most recent updates and news within the our aviation community as well as keeping your flight safety knowledge sharp! Fly Safe 🙂