Certified Flight Instructor

Instrument Certificate

A Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Rating will not only increase your aeronautical skills and knowledge, but allow you to instruct and greatly improve a student’s safety and ability to fly in inclement weather. 

CFI Instrument Requirements







What Will I Learn?

Ground Knowledge:

Techniques of Instrument Instruction

Preparing Students for Instrument Checkride

Flight Experience:

Instruction for IMC / IFR conditions

Teach Instrument Flying Skills

Evaluate Instrument Flying Skills


FAA Knowledge Exams

CFII applicants must study for and pass the two required FAA exams. These two tests, FOI and FII, Fundamentals of Instruction and Flight Instructor Instrument will cover basic knoweldge to be a safe and effective instructor.

Ground Training

An average of 10 hours of Ground training will occur during your CFII instruction. Ground training will occur before and after each flight.

Flight Training

A combined simulator and flight training under the hood will occur. There is only a 3-hour minimum required to take a checkride, however your training will be closer to 10-15 hours of flight time.

Oral & Practical Exam

Upon completion of training, you will take the Flight Instructor oral and practical exams. Completed with a Designated Pilot Examiner, these exams will thoroughly test your instructional knowledge and teaching abilities.



With the largest and most advanced rental fleet in the state, VFA has the right aircraft for you. All of our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards by our in-house maintenance department.


VFA has a diverse group of passionate and knowledgeable instructors here to help you achieve your goals. No matter your learning style, we have the right instructor for you.


When you join us at VFA, you join a passionate community dedicated to furthering aviation education in Vermont. Every lesson you take at VFA helps to contribute to providing flights to underprivileged children in Vermont.


How long will it take to earn my CFI Instrument Certificate?

There is no hour requirement for training to obtain the CFI Instrument Certificate. Working with an instructor, you will both make the determination as to when you are ready to take the required exams.

What will my training involve?

Your training will involve a certain amount of dual instruction, both ground and flight and/or simulator with an authorized instructor.

What can I do once I have my CFI Instrument Certificate?

With a Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Certificate, you can train students to fly under instrument meteorological conditions. You are also authorized to endorse students to take both the required knowledge, and practical exams to obtain their instrument rating.

Once I get my CFI Instrument Certificate, what do I have to do to keep it current?

If you already have a CFI, obtaining the CFI Instrument will reset your expiration date for 24 more calendar months. If you are training prospective instrument pilots, you must remain instrument current if you are instructing in aircraft in actual instrument meteorological conditions.

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