CFI Multi Engine


  • Hold a CFI certificate
  • Hold a Multi Engine Commercial certificate
  • Be able to speak, read, write and understand the English Language.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or apply through AFSP for foreign pilots.
  • Pass the required practical test with an FAA Designated Examiner

CFI Multi Engine:

  • There is no minimum flight time required to be eligible for the CFI Multi Engine.
  • There is no required minimum ground training.
  • There is no application process to fly with our flight school. We will set you up with an instructor that fits your schedule, and you can begin training right away.

Overview & Privileges:


A Multi Engine Instructor certificate qualifies you to instruct candidates who are seeking to obtain their Multi Engine ratings.  You are also certified to endorse candidates to take the required FAA check ride with an authorized Designated Examiner.

Vermont Flight Academy operates a Piper Aztec for all Multi Engine land flight training.


Although there is no minimum required amount of training, the more multi engine experience you have will tend to keep the training time lower.
With the CFI Multi Engine, you are authorized to instruct candidates who are seeking a Multi Engine Land rating.
Once you pass the CFI Multi Engine check ride, your CFI expiration is extended for 24 more calendar months.
Your training will involve a certain amount of ground training and flight training in our Piper Aztec with an authorized flight instructor.