Discovery Flight

A Discovery Flight introduces you to the basics of aviation and you can earn flight hours while flying a plane!

Discovery Flight Requirements





Tecnam P92

Two Seats

Where do I go for my Discovery Flight?

Alternate Access:
Aviation Ave. to Eagle Drive to the back entrance to Valley Rd.


355 Valley Rd
South Burlington, VT 05403


What To Bring

On Your Flight

Identification documents such as passport or driver’s license and birth certificate

Clothing appropriate for the weather conditions during your flight

Closed toe shoes are required

A camera or phone to capture memories of your experience

A friend to ride along (upgrade may be required)


What to Leave

At Home

No sandals or open toed shoes

No large or heavy bags

No food and drinks, with the exception of water



It Will Be A Casual Experience

Our Discovery Flight offers a friendly, professional, and welcoming first experience to aviation. Our instructors are friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. With safety and fun as our top priorities, your instructor will make sure you are engaged and enjoying this first experience in the sky as a pilot.

You Will Fly A Small Airplane

We have multiple aircraft options for our Discovery Flights.  Unlike commercial airliners you may have flown in, our aircraft are much smaller. Despite their size, they are very comfortable, have seat belts, and a small window you can open.

You Will Participate

We want you to get the best learning experience possible without feeling overwhelmed. You will meet with your instructor and talk about the basic components of the aircraft and take part in a brief preflight inspection. Once you are ready to take flight, your instructor will help you learn to taxi the aircraft, perform a takeoff and basic flight maneuvers. Your instructor has his/her own set of controls, and the amount to which you want to control the airplane is voluntary. Our goal is to have you learn and enjoy your experience.

We Welcome You To Be Part Of The Preflight

Our attention to flight safety and quality excellence is an integral component of our business. We want you to feel safe and confident with each, and every part of your first flight experience. Your instructor will ask you to be part of the preflight; a checklist we perform with all our aircraft, every time they take flight. Once seated in the aircraft, you instructor will continue the briefing, reviewing the doors, seatbelts and other emergency procedures.

There Might Be A Few (Small) Bumps

Discovery Flights will take place on a good weather day. Our goal is to create a smooth flight with little turbulence. Your instructor will avoid areas of concern, but do not be alarmed if there are small bumps along the way, even on the best of days.

You Will Wear A Headset

Aircraft engines are loud. We will provide you with a headset to reduce engine noise and allow you to communicate with your instructor, Air Traffic Control, or other passengers during the flight. The headsets are no additional cost to you, comfortable to wear and sanitized after each use.

You May Get Airsick

Airsickness happens. Do not feel embarrassed. Most people do not have any sickness during flight, but if you feel uneasy at any time, please let your instructor know. Our aircraft is equipped with sick bags. If you are sensitive to motion, try looking out the window instead of inside the cockpit. Do not hesitate to open a window for some fresh air.

Learn What It Takes To Become A Pilot

A Discovery Flight can be a one-time-experience or the gateway to a career in Aviation! Talk with your instructor about his/her experience in becoming a pilot, and what the next steps are for you. Any member of VFA would be happy to answer any questions you have about the process or help you get started.

See The Local Area

Have somewhere special you want to see from the air? We are happy to help! Vermont is a beautiful place to fly, so whether it’s your house you want to fly over or Camel’s Hump, your instructor will be there to make sure you see the views you want if it’s within range and doesn’t violate any airspace restrictions. 

A Discovery Flight Experience Usually Takes 2 Hours

From start to finish your Discovery Flight experience will take two hours. Make sure you have all your required documentation on file prior to your flight time. You begin with a 30-minute preflight briefing and spend about an hour in the air. There will be plenty of time after your flight for pictures with the aircraft, or to discuss questions you have about continuing your training.

Do I have the option to extend my Discovery Flight?

Yes! If the instructor and aircraft are avaialble you may increase your Discovery Flight for up to one hour. (regular rates apply) Please select to extend on your certificate redemtion to arrange this.

Most Importantly, Expect To Have Fun!

Every Discovery Flight is a unique experience. Flying is an exciting and magical experience. Take photos, ask questions and most of all enjoy yourself! The sky is the limit!



With the largest and most advanced rental fleet in the state, VFA has the right aircraft for you. All of our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards by our in-house maintenance department.


VFA has a diverse group of passionate and knowledgeable instructors here to help you achieve your goals. No matter your learning style, we have the right instructor for you.


When you join us at VFA, you join a passionate community dedicated to furthering aviation education in Vermont. Every lesson you take at VFA helps to contribute to providing flights to underprivileged children in Vermont.


Do I need to bring anything?

Yes, you must have a passport or a drivers license and Birth Certificate on file in order to take a flight lesson. You will have the option to supply all necessary documentation when you redeem your gift certificate. You will be e-mail our Liability Waiver, which will need to be signed prior to your flight. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the conditions you are taking your flight in. We ask that you refrain from bringing heavy bags or backpacks, or any food/drink besides water.

How long will I be in the air on my Discovery Flight?

Discovery Flights are about an hour or .9 hours of flight time. You may extend the flight time an extra 30 minutes to an hour for an additional cost. Please see the front desk prior to your flight to arrange.

Will the instruction time during my Discovery Flight count toward a Private Pilot Certificate?

Yes! Your Discovery Flight will be logged in a complimentary soft cover log book, given to you after your flight. This flight time will count towards a Private Pilot Certificate; should you continue to train.

Can I give a Discovery Flight as a gift?

Yes! We offer gift certificates for Discovery Flights and for any monetary amount. Please see our Store Page to learn more!

Can I take pictures on my Discovery Flight?

Absolutely! We will be happy to help take pictures of you in or outside of the aircraft while on the ground, before and/or after your flight. A passenger may take photos while you are in flight.

*Please note, you will not be able to take pictures yourself while taking the flight lesson.

Do you have to be a U.S. Citizen to take a Discovery Flight?

Yes. Any type of flight training requires proof of citizenship via a U.S. passport, or drivers license and Birth Certificate. If you would like to learn more about flight training and are not a U.S Citizen please review our AFSP Page.

Are there any age requirements to take a Discovery Flight?

There is no age requirement to participate in a Discovery Flight, however the level of participation may change depending on the age of the participant. A parent or guardian must sign the liability waiver on behalf of any minor participant. 

How long will the entire Discovery Flight Experience be?

A Discovery Flight Experience usually take 2 hours.

General Information


Monday - Friday | 8AM - 5PM

Saturday | 8AM - 4PM

Sunday | 8AM - 4PM

* Hours are subject change.


 Front Desk - 802.863.5988



355 Valley Road
South Burlington, VT 05403

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