Experience the thrill of controlling an aircraft, while also taking in the amazing scenery of VT! Our discovery flights can take you over Lake Champlain, downtown Burlington, and the beautiful mountains.

Discovery Flights consist of: a preflight briefing where you will inspect the aircraft, about an hour of flight instruction, and a post flight briefing. The entire Discovery Flight takes about 2 hours.

Flights in our 2 seat Cessna 150/152’s are $159, and Flights in our 4 seat Cessna 172’s are $199. We recommend the larger 4 seat aircraft so you can have someone ride along (at no extra cost) or if you are over about 5′ 10″ or 200 lb. as it provides more room.

Please visit our online shop if you would like to purchase a gift certificate.

To take a Discovery Flight you must be a U.S. citizen and bring in a copy of your passport OR drivers license and birth certificate, as well as sign our release waiver.




Cessna 172 Discovery Flight: Gift Certificate Have you been dreaming of learning to fly? Our Discovery Flight is an excellent way to make your dream a reality! Our Discovery Flight offers an introductory flight lesson with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor where you will be introduced to flying an aircraft. Our instructor sitting at the second set of controls will ensure... $199.00 Product Info

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