Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vermont Flight Academy offer introductory flights?

Yes. VFA currently offers introductory flights, which we call Discovery Flights. Our Discovery Flight includes a brief ground lesson in addition to about an hour of flight time. We also offer longer flights as requested. Our instructors are available every day of the week for Discovery Flights. Please visit our Discovery Flight page to learn more.

How do I purchase a Discovery Flight?

When you have decided to take a Discovery Flight or purchase one for someone you know, simply go to our Store page. The Gift Certificate will be sent to your email of choice, after the purchase. On the Gift Certificate will be instructions for redemption and a member of VFA will call you to schedule your flight!

Does VFA operate under Federal Aviation Regulation Part 61, Part 141 or both?

We offer both part 61 and 141 flight training to our students.

What makes Vermont Flight Academy different?

VFA is a unique group of very highly skilled and experienced aviation professionals. We know how to maintain a fun and rewarding atmosphere while attaining the highest standards of excellence in flight training. Our number one goal is helping you achieve success. Check out our About Us page to learn more about our organization!

Why choose a Vermont Flight School when I could fly at a fair weathered school?

We will agree that Vermont’s weather can be challenging, but think of it on a different level. You are gaining experience in multiple different factors that you may not experience in a fair weathered school. Learning to handle your aircraft in winds, cooler temperatures, and precipitation make your skills stronger, and therefore a stronger skilled pilot.

How much does it cost to learn how to fly?

The cost of flight training is highly variable and dependent on a number of factors. Please contact us for more information!

What if I want to become a Commercial Airline Pilot?

If you are looking to become an airline/professional pilot, most companies are going to require that you hold a bachelor’s degree. The degree does not have to be in aviation, it can help make you stand out from other candidates. If you are interested in getting a degree in aviation, we are partnered with the Vermont Technical College to provide flight training from Private-Multi-Instructor to CFII. If you already hold a degree or are not interested in obtaining a degree at this time, we offer both part 61 and 141 flight training to our students.

Check out the program now: Vermont Technical College Professional Pilot Technology Program

Is there a minimum age requirement?

Yes. While you can take flying lessons at any age, a student pilot must be no younger than 16 to solo and at least 17 to be eligible for a Private Pilot Certificate. There is no upper limit for age, provided the pilot routinely renews his or her medical certificate.

Will I get to tour the facility and aircraft?

Absolutely! We encourage you to come in and meet our team. One of our Flight Instructors would be happy to take you on a tour of the aircraft and the facility. At this point we can discuss in more detail with you about your aviation goals, and if you choose, get the process started.

Do you have a Flight Simulator?

Yes, we have multiple Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATD). A Redbird FMX, full-motion simulator with G100 or GNS430/530 Avionics, a Precision Flight Controls CR-12 with wide aircraft selection including single and multi-engine capabilities and a Redbird TD with G1000 Avionics.

Does VFA take safety seriously?

We know that Aviation is a high-risk environment, so VFA has developed and implemented a company-wide Safety Management System (SMS) that conforms to the Standards and Recommendations of the Federal Aviation Administration and International Civil Aviation Organization. We understand that safety management affects everything we do and everywhere we operate including all areas of safety, security, health, environmental and quality management of our people, our guests, and our customers. If you want to learn more about our Safety Policy, please see our  Safety Page.

Will I get to ask questions before I choose to start training?

For sure! We want to make sure that you are making the best choice for your learning environment and career goal.

Will I be flying with different instructors?

You will be assigned a primary CFI (Certificated Flight Instructor) who will be responsible for your training program. Occasionally your instructor will schedule a lesson with a separate instructor in order to obtain another perspective of your progress. These are called “stage checks” and are very helpful for the training process. To learn more about our current flight instructors, click here.

Does Vermont Flight Academy accept international students?

Yes. VFA accepts students who fulfill the Visa and TSA requirements for flight training students in the United States. If you are a non-US citizen, you can find out more about your specific requirements for flight training here.

How do I pay for lessons?

When you enroll in our flight school, you will start an account with us. You may pay by cash, check, or credit card after each lesson or you can make deposits into your account. We offer a 2.5% bonus on amounts over $3000 (cash or personal check only) placed on account before training begins and anytime thereafter provided the account balance remains positive. For example, if you deposit $3000, you will have $3075 on your account.

How long does it take to obtain a Private Pilot Certificate?

The length of time it takes to obtain a Private Pilot Certificate depends on how often you fly. Typically, if a student schedules 2 lessons each week, training can be completed in 5 to 6 months. However, we are able to tailor our program to fit your needs. Many of our students schedule several lessons a week, depending on their availability. A typical lesson lasts 2 hours and includes both ground and flight instruction. Most students will obtain their Private Pilot Certificate after completing between 40 and 65 hours of flight training.

Are there any health/medical requirements?

Yes. A student pilot, to be eligible for a solo flight, must obtain at least a “third class medical certificate” by undergoing a physical exam administered by an FAA-designated physician. These physicians arae called Aviation Medical Examiners (AMEs) and are typically family, or occupational health doctors who practice at area clinics and hospitals. If you are in good health, obtaining a medical is not difficult, and it is not an issue if you wear glasses or contacts.

3rd class medical certificates must be renewed every 60 calendar months if the pilot is under age 40 and every 24 calendar months thereafter. Your flight instructor or anyone else on staff can provide the contact information for a local AME upon request.

Will I need renters insurance?

Yes, you will need to obtain Renters Insurance. We require a minimum of $250,000 Non-Owned Bodily Injury and Property Damage, $1,000 Medical Limit, and a $25,000 Non-Owned Physical Damage Liability. These minimums and our recommended Insurance Provider’s information is available on our Insurance Page.

After I get my Private Pilot Certificate, can I rent an airplane on my own?

Yes! If you are properly rated, you simply need to receive brief instruction in the type of plane you wish to rent and take a “rental checkout quiz”. Typically the necessary instruction will consist of a brief ground session and a short flight with an instructor to verify that you are able to safely operate the new airplane.

Do I need to purchase my own aircraft now that I have my Private Pilot Certificate, or can I rent?

No, as long as you hold a valid aviation medical certificate, renter’s insurance, and current Pilot Certificate and appropriate ratings, you may rent aircraft from VFA. A “rental checkout quiz”, brief ground instruction and a short flight with an instructor to verify that you are able to safely operate the airplane of choice will need to be conducted prior to rental.

How can I leave feedback about my experience at VFA?

VFA has a satisfaction survey which may be completed at any time and by anyone. VFA is committed to maintain a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment wherever we operate – for our people, for our guests and for the valued customers we are employed to serve. We welcome your comments and feedback! Want to leave feedback now? Use our Feedback Form to tell us what you think.

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