Aircraft Rental Policy

Are you a certificated pilot looking to explore Vermont from the sky? Would you like to take friends or family up for an adventure? Complete a Flight Request under Scheduling Resources!

Aircraft Rental Minimum Requirements

In order to rent at VFA, you will need to complete an Aircraft Checkout with one of our instructors. If you completed training here, you most likely received one or more Aircraft Checkouts during that time. You will need to complete a Standard Operating Procedures written exam, as well as an Aircraft Review Questionnaire for the applicable aircraft. Contact us to gain access to Student Resources where the applicable documents are found.

The Flight Request form can be found under Scheduling Resources at the bottom of this page.


Cessna 172Private
Piper ArrowPrivateComplex3 hours in a Piper Arrow 15 hours in a complex aircraft
Citabria 7KCABPrivateTailwheelDual Only
Tecnam P92 EchoPrivate


FLIGHT SCHEDULE PRO ACCOUNT: Active with Current Documentation

MOST RECENT FLIGHT EXPERIENCE: Flight within the previous 90 days in compliance with VFA SOP’s

CURRENT RENTER’S INSURANCE: Visit our Insurance page for requirements

New to Renting at VFA?


– Aircraft Checkout with Certified Flight Instructor

– VFA General Info and SOP Exam

– Aircraft Review Questionnaire

– Completed Flight Schedule Pro Account:

Training Breakdown

Aircraft Checkout Ground Portion

During an aircraft checkout, you will meet with a Certified Flight Instructor, complete a VFA General Info and SOP Exam, an aircraft specific Aircraft Review Questionnaire and discuss topics applicable to the type of flying you would like to do.

VFR Day Checkout topics may include weather, decision making, risk management, personal minimums, airspace, spin discussion, flight instruments, weight and balance, and aircraft POH.  Additional Night and Cold Weather tasks will be discussed as applicable.

IFR Day Checkout topics may include alternates, ADM, personal minimums, holds and entries, approach plates, STARS, SIDs/DPs/ODPs, system failures, missed approach procedures, abnormal procedures, flight instruments, and  runway lighting. You must be INSTRUMENT CURRENT or an additional IPC is required.

Aircraft Checkout Flight Portion

After completing the ground portion of the checkout, you and your instructor will go on a flight.  The flight will be tailored to your personal needs and flight experience. 

VFR maneuvers you may conduct include normal takeoff and departure, slow flight, stalls, short and soft field takeoffs and landings, go arounds, and normal landings.

An IFR checkout may include instrument scan, instrument approach procedures, holds, partial panel approach and flight, radial tracking, and unusual attitudes.

Creating a Flight Schedule Pro Account

Create an FSP account to start the rental process. If you already have an acccount, need it to be reinstated or have changes to make, please contact the front desk at (802) 863-5988.

Upload the required documents listed above under Requirements.

The VFA Difference

Advanced Fleet

With the largest and most advanced rental fleet in the state, VFA has the right aircraft for you. All of our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards by our in-house maintenance department.

Passionate Staff

VFA has a diverse group of passionate and knowledgeable instructors here to help you achieve your goals. No matter your learning style, we have the right instructor for you.

About Us

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