Aviation Insurance

VFA requires all students and renters to purchase their own insurance coverage as soon as possible, and supply us with a copy of the binder.
It is important for students to purchase insurance right away as they are liable for any damage done to themselves or our aircraft. You also can NOT solo until you have your own insurance.

Starr Aviation’s insurance cost at our minimums is about $314.00 for the year. You can apply online by clicking here.

Insurance is to be updated every year for as long as you fly with us.

Vermont Flight Academy’s Insurance Minimums:
(1) Non-Owned Bodily Injury and Property Damage: $250,000
(2) Medical Limit of: $1,000
(3) Non-Owned Physical Damage Liability: $25,000


As a private pilot, you may not receive any form of compensation for flying. You can, however, fly with friends and share the expenses of the flight. You must fly within the legal weather limitations as prescribed by the Federal Aviation Administration. You may require specific training and special endorsements to fly into Class B airports, which are typically high traffic volume international airports.