Multi Engine Sea Rating


  • Have at least a Private Pilot Certificate
  • Hold at least an FAA Third Class Medical Certificate
  • Be able to speak, read, write and understand the English Language.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or apply through AFSP for foreign pilots.
  • Pass the required practical test with an FAA Designated Examiner

Multi Engine Sea Rating:

  • No minimum flight training time is required however, if you already have a Multi Engine Land rating and/or a Single Engine Sea rating, you can anticipate a reduced amount of training.
  • You will work one on one with an instructor throughout your training. This includes any ground work.
  • There is no application process to fly with our flight school. We will set you up with an instructor that fits your schedule, and you can begin training right away.

Overview & Privileges:

A Multi Engine Sea rating qualifies you to fly seaplanes having more than one engine that weigh less than 12,500 pounds.  Vermont Flight Academy operates a UC-1 Twin Bee for all Multi Engine Sea flight training.






There are many variables that affect how quickly one earns their Multi Engine Sea Rating. If you already have your Multi Engine Land rating and/or your Single Engine Sea rating, training time will most likely be less.
With a Multi Engine Sea Rating, you will be qualified to fly seaplanes that have more than one engine and weigh less than 12,500 pounds.
Your training will involve a certain amount of ground instruction and flight instruction with an authorized flight instructor. A majority of your training will focus on takeoffs and landings on water as well as other maneuvers required for the rating.
All Multi Engine Sea flight training is done in our UC-1 Twin Bee.