Instrument Proficiency Check

An Instrument Proficiency Check is a full review of knowledge and procedures needed to fly an aircraft on an instrument flight plan and fly under instrument meteorological flight conditions.

Instrument Proficiency Check Requirements







What Will We Cover?

Ground Knowledge:

Weather & Alternates
Risk Management
Personal Minimums
Special Use Airspace
Holds and Entries
Approach Plates
System Failures
Missed Approach Procedures
Abnormal Procedures
XC Flight Planning
Chart Symbology
Flight Instruments
Runway Lighting

Flight Experience:

Aircraft Systems Knowledge
Aircraft Control Skills
Aeronautical Decision Making
Instrument Scan
Flight Management
Cockpit Organization
Weather Analysis/Anticipation
Approaches (Precision, NonPrecision, Circling, Missed Approach)
Partial Panel Approach and Flight
Radial Tracking
Unusual Attitudes

Training Breakdown

Ground Review

Your instructor will meet your needs and cover topics related to your experience, aircraft type, and recent experience. Upon completion of the ground portion of the proficiency check, you will be up to date on the latest regulations and advancements in flight instrumentation. 

Flight Training

Your instructor will cover a variety of instrument procedures with you, ranging from instrument departures to instrument approaches partial panel. By the end of the flight, you will feel confident to safely operate your airplane in instrument conditions with a high degree of proficiency.

Instructor Endorsement

Once your instructor is satisfied with your knowledge, decision making, and flying skills, you will receive a logbook endorsement from your instructor and your instrument proficiency check will be complete.

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