Certified Flight Instructor Certificate

Are You Ready To Start Passing On Your Knowledge and Passion For Aviation? Become a Flight Instructor!

Why get your Certified Flight Instructor Certificate?

Obtaining a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Certificate is crucial for career advancement, offering opportunities in flight instruction and beyond. Beyond career prospects, becoming a CFI allows pilots to refine their skills while experiencing the personal fulfillment of sharing their passion for aviation with others.

Ready to start Teaching?

Certificate requirements

Commercial Pilot with Instrument Rating

Aircraft Hourly Rate


instructor Hourly rate


Program Estimate


Hour EStimate

15 HRS

Time Frame Estimate

4 Months

Ground Knowledge:

Human Behavior
The Learning Process
Instructor Responsibilities
Effective Communication
Techniques of Flight Instruction

Flight Experience:

Right Seat Transition
Advanced Stall and Spin Recovery
Managing Students
Learn In-flight Teaching Processes
Crew Resource Management
Aeronautical Decision Making


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