Private Pilot Certificate

Whether you want to become an Airline Pilot, fly for fun, or anything in between, it all starts with a Private Pilot Certificate.

What is a Private Pilot Certificate?

A Private Pilot Certificate is a license that allows individuals to fly aircraft for personal and recreational purposes. With this certificate, holders can operate aircraft for pleasure, travel, and non-commercial purposes.

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minimum AGE TO FLY

Any age is welcome to train!

minimum AGE TO SOLO




aircraft rental rate


instructor Hourly rate


Flight hours estimate

65 Hrs

Program cost estimate


time frame estimate

8 Months

Ground Knowledge:

Aircraft Aerodynamics
Principles of Flight
Federal Aviation Regulations
Aircraft Preflight
Risk Management
Aeronautical Decision Making
Aircraft Systems

Flight Experience:

Basic Aircraft Handling
Stall Prevention and Recovery
Aerial Navigation
Air Traffic Control Communication
Performance Maneuvers
Emergency Procedures
Basic Instrument Flying


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