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Certified Multi-Engine Instructor

Looking to Expand Your Capabilities and Range as an Instructor? Get Your Multi-Engine Instructor Rating!

Why get your Multi-Engine Instructor Rating?

Obtaining a Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI) Rating offers several advantages for pilots, including expanding their teaching capabilities and increasing their marketability in the aviation industry. Additionally, becoming an MEI allows pilots to share their expertise in multi-engine aircraft operations, further enhancing their own skills and knowledge while contributing to the safety and proficiency of aspiring pilots.

Ready to Start Teaching?

Certificate requirements

CFI Certificate

Aircraft Hourly Rate


instructor Hourly rate


Program Estimate


Hour EStimate

15 HRS

Time Frame Estimate

3 Weeks

Ground Knowledge:

Multi-Engine Aerodynamic Instruction
Advanced Systems Instruction
Aircraft Performance Instruction
Instrument Procedures Instruction

Flight Experience:

Multi-Engine Aircraft Handling Instruction
Stall Prevention and Recovery Instruction
Performance Maneuvers Instruction
Emergency Procedures Instruction


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