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Multi-Engine Rating

Looking to Expand Your Capabilities and Range as a Pilot? Get Your Multi-Engine Rating!

What can you do with a Multi-Engine Rating?

With a Multi-Engine Rating, pilots can operate aircraft equipped with more than one engine, expanding their flying capabilities and opportunities. This certification enables pilots to pursue careers in commercial aviation, corporate flying, or charter operations, offering increased versatility and advancement in the aviation industry. Additionally, it enhances safety by providing training in managing multi-engine aircraft systems, performance, and emergency procedures.

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Certificate requirements

FAA Private or Commercial Certificate

Aircraft Hourly Rate


instructor Hourly rate


Program Estimate


Hour EStimate

10 HRS

Time Frame Estimate

1 Month

Ground Knowledge:

Multi-Engine Aerodynamics
Advanced Systems
Aircraft Performance
Instrument Procedures

Flight Experience:

Multi-Engine Aircraft Handling
Stall Prevention and Recovery
Performance Maneuvers
Emergency Procedures


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