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Aircraft Rental Policy

Aircraft Rental at Vermont Flight Academy

Aircraft Rental Minimum Requirements

In order to rent at VFA, you will need to complete an Aircraft Checkout with one of our instructors. If you completed training here, you most likely received one or more Aircraft Checkouts during that time. You will need to complete a Standard Operating Procedures written exam, as well as an Aircraft Review Questionnaire for the applicable aircraft.

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Rental Requirements

Rental Checkout

At Minimum One Rental Checkout

* Must Fly Every 90 Days in Order to avoid Recurrent Checkout

Aircraft rental rate


Pilot Certificate

At Minimum FAA Private

FAA Medical Certificate

At least Basic Med or Third Class

Flight schedule Pro

Active Account with Current Documentation

Rental insurance


Completed General Info and SOP Exam and Aircraft Review Questionnaire

Rental Checkout

Ground and Flight Checkout with one of our CFI’s

Completed Flight Schedule Pro Account

Emergency Contact

Profile Picture

Photo ID

TSA Citizenship Verification

Pilot Certificate

Medical Certificate

Renter’s Insurance

Signed Liability Waiver

Signed Pilot Agreement

Credit Card on File

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