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Dec 7, 2022

7.4 General Scheduling Policies

  • CFIs will be scheduled with new students based off plane, student, and instructor availability.
  • If a CFI would like an additional student, and they believe their schedule could accommodate another student, they can send a request for an additional student via email to scheduling. Scheduling will assess the student and plane availability. If the plane and student availability does not match the instructor’s availability, the instructor will be asked to shift their availability to accommodate the student. If the instructor cannot shift their availability, the student will be placed with a different instructor.
  • Scheduling will publish the schedule for the next month, one week before the end of the current month.
  • CFIs will block any known time off for the next month, two weeks before the end of current month.
  • CFIs will not change the schedule they have set for themselves, month to month, without coordination or notification to scheduling. For example, if during March, a CFI is available until 1800 on a given day of the week, and has a student from 1530-1800, then for April the CFI changes their schedule so they are available until only 1600, without notification or coordination with heir student and scheduling, the student in that reservation will need to be moved to a different instructor.
  • If a CFI has blocked time off during a time their student has requested or during a regularly scheduled lesson time, the student will be booked with any available, qualified CFI.
  • Scheduling will not schedule a reservation 36 hours in advance, without previously requesting permission from the CFI needed for that reservation.
  • If a CFI is scheduled during a time, they show available on the schedule, but are unable to accept the reservation, they are responsible for either cancelling the reservation or finding coverage.
  • CFIs can schedule any ground training they desire.
  • CFI’s can only schedule flights for their students during the following times for the following times: Friday 5 PM – Sunday 10 PM all weekday changes must be submitted to VFA Scheduling
  • CFI rental flights desired during the week, or booked on the weekend in advance, must be submitted using the rental request form.
  • Weekend front desk staff can schedule any flight for the upcoming week. If a flight is cancelled on the weekend and the CFI would like it rescheduled for the upcoming week. Email or call the front desk.
  • Do not move out of the aircraft you are scheduled for on any given weekend day unless there is a maintenance issue with your scheduled aircraft. Moving into a different aircraft simply because of preference is not allowed. This will have the potential to disrupt 100-hour inspection timing.
  • Do not schedule yourself for the weekend in an aircraft that is blocked as unavailable. These blocks are placed on the schedule so aircraft to not time out early.
  • If there is a maintenance issue that requires the aircraft to be grounded, please alert the front desk staff during business hours, and the On-call CFI after hours. Alerting the correct party immediately is essential so they can move the following reservations out of that aircraft and alert the customer and CFI.
  • No new students, or students who have not flown since before June 2022 can be scheduled without doing an admissions/scheduling meeting.
  • All dual reservations are required to be booked with instructor time only. 30 minutes before aircraft time and 15 minutes after.
  • Maximum reservation time is 2.5 hours. 45 minutes of instructor time and 1 hour and 45 minutes of aircraft time.
  • Maximum Cross Country reservation time is 4 hours without special request.
  • All Stage checks must be requested using the stage check request form, one week prior to the date the student is expected to be ready.
  • All reservations shall be booked under the correct activity type. If you are unsure which activity type your reservation should be booked as, please reach out to scheduling, front desk, or the on-call CFI.

7.5 VTC Commercial Scheduling Etiquettes

  • During Stage One, Instructor can add or move flights into 5BG, 4AF or the FMX without submitting a scheduling request. During Stages 2-4 Instructors can include 1VT. Please be mindful of other instructors with similar goals, when adding or moving flight into these aircraft. Do not book an excessive number of reservations in these aircraft. If these aircraft are not available during the desired time, a scheduling request must be submitted by the instructor. Instructors shall not move or add flights to the schedule further than one week into the future.
  • Stage 1- Any additional flights may be added or moved by the instructor, into the permitted aircraft.
  • Stage 2 – Any additional solo or dual flights may be added or moved by the instructor, into the permitted aircraft.
  • Stage 3- Three, 4-hour dual cross countries are scheduled for each student with their instructor every week. For student solo cross countries, the instructor must either edit a dual reservation, to solo, or request a new solo reservation through scheduling. Any additional solo or dual flights may be added or moved by the instructor, into the permitted aircraft. Cross Country reservations do not always fit within a CFI’s scheduled availability due to the lack of airplane availability. This will require the CFI to be more flexible with their schedule, to accommodate the students’ needs during this stage.
    • 250 NM straight line Cross Countries will likely need to be completed on the weekends. There will be the need to complete other Cross-Country flights on the weekends, CFIs must be able/willing to accommodate these flights for their VTC Commercial students.
    • If a CFI would like another plane not mentioned above, then they must fill out either a Solo or Dual Cross-Country request.
  • Stage 4- These flight blocks are 2 hours. Reservation make ups can be add by an instructor into the following planes 5BG, 4AF & 1VT up to one week in advance. If those planes are not available, then submit a request to scheduling is required.


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