Scheduling Instructor Resources

Dec 7, 2022

Guildlines & Etiquettes

-Can only schedule during the following times for the following times: Friday 5 PM – Sunday 10 PM all weekday changes must be submited to VFA Scheduling

-No plane swaps it will effect 100 hour tracking

-If a plane in unvailable then no flights can be schedules

-If a planes is grounded the lead CFI on duty should be notified and they will share what can plane can be used as an alternative if none are available.

-No new students or students that have not flown since June 2022 can be added to the schedule without going through an Admissions Meeting with Administration

-All Dual Reservations require ground instruction – First 30 Minutes and Last 15 Minutes

-Max reservation time is 2.5 hours

-Max Cross Country is 4 hours

-All reservations require the correct Activity Type, Ground Time, Flight Type, Flight Rules, or Flight Route/Legs

Scheduling Templates

Private (Part 61)




VTC Private Pilot

VTC Private Solo


BETA Pilot Training

Partial and Complete Private Pilots