Tailwheel Training

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Tailwheel Training Requirements

What Will I Learn?

Ground Knowledge:

Flight Experience:




With the largest and most advanced rental fleet in the state, VFA has the right aircraft for you. All of our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards by our in-house maintenance department.


VFA has a diverse group of passionate and knowledgeable instructors here to help you achieve your goals. No matter your learning style, we have the right instructor for you.


When you join us at VFA, you join a passionate community dedicated to furthering aviation education in Vermont. Every lesson you take at VFA helps to contribute to providing flights to underprivileged children in Vermont.

General Questions

How long will it take to earn my tailwheel endorsement?

The amount of training required to obtain the endorsement can vary greatly from person to person. Generally most people get their endorsement after 7 to 10 hours of training.

Whan can I do once I have my endorsement?

With a tailwheel endorsement, you are qualified to fly airplanes that have conventional landing gear, versus tricycle type gear.

Once I get my endorsement, what do I have to do to keep it current?

There is no expiration date or currency requirement associated with a tailwheel endorsement. However, in order to fly passengers, you must have made at least 3 takeoff and landings, to a full stop within the preceding 90 days.

What will my training involve?

Your training will involve dual instruction with an authorized flight instructor. Training will focus on taxiing, takeoffs, and landings. There are several grass landing strips in the surrounding area that are great for tailwheel training.

What type of aircraft will I be flying?

Vermont Flight Academy uses a Bellanca Citabria 7KCAB for all tailwheel training.

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